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Lé Nest Holiday Homes offers luxurious, fully furnished serviced apartments in the serene Murree Hills. Designed to global hospitality standards, these apartments provide a blend of comfort and elegance, making them a perfect retreat.

Available Apartments in Lé Nest Holiday Homes

  • Two Bed Apartment in First Floor
  • Two Bed Apartment in Second Floor
  • Two Bed Apartment in Ground Floor
  • Two Bed Apartment in Penthouse

These apartments are ideal for anyone looking for  flats for sale in Murree or an apartment for sale in Murree.

Features of Lé Nest Holiday Homes

Lé Nest Holiday Homes boasts a variety of high-end features designed to enhance the lifestyle of its residents:

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Gated Lifestyle

Ensuring security and privacy.

Natural Scenery

Nestled in the scenic Murree Hills.

Year-round Access

Convenient access throughout the year.

Dedicated Concierge

Personalized services for residents.

Thermal Insulation

Energy-efficient apartments

Elevators & Backup Power Generators

Ensuring convenience and reliability

Dedicated Parking

Reserved parking spaces for residents.

High Security

Managed and maintained for the safety of residents.

Price Plan of Lé Nest Holiday Homes

Lé Nest offers competitive pricing with flexible payment plans. Details on specific pricing and payment options can be obtained directly from the sales team.

• Penthouse - Two Bed Apartment (1492 sq ft): 38.7 million PKR 
• Second Floor - Two Bed Apartment (1492 sq ft): 37.3 million PKR 
• First Floor - Two Bed Apartment (1492 sq ft): 36.5 million PKR 
• Ground Floor - Two Bed Apartment (1492 sq ft): 35.8 million PKR

Location of Lé Nest Holiday Homes 

Situated on the Tourism Highway in Patriata, Murree, Lé Nest Holiday Homes are just 2 km from the Murree Expressway. This prime location offers easy access to major amenities and tourist attractions. The booking office is located at Hamza Arcade, First Floor, Spring North Commercial, Phase 7, Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

Lé-Nest-Holiday Homes 

Revenue Stream of Lé Nest Holiday Homes 

Lé Nest offers a revenue guarantee stream for owners, ensuring a steady income from the rental of their apartments. This makes it an attractive investment opportunity for those seeking a reliable income source.

Additional Details

Lé Nest Holiday Homes are designed with excellence, combining modern amenities with the natural beauty of the Murree Hills. Nearby amenities include Gloria Jeans, McDonald's, and Second Cup, making it a convenient and desirable location.

Amenities and Lifestyle of Lé Nest Holiday Homes 

Lé Nest Holiday Homes provide a high-quality lifestyle with various amenities:

Health and Fitness: Well-equipped gym and fitness center. 
Entertainment: Multiple recreational areas and lounges. 
Dining: Various dining options within the vicinity. 
Shopping: Close to several shopping centers. 
Connectivity: Excellent connectivity with major roads and transportation networks.

Investment Potential of Lé Nest Holiday Homes

Lé Nest Holiday Homes present a lucrative investment opportunity due to their prime location, luxury features, and revenue guarantee stream. The project is expected to appreciate in value over time, providing significant returns on investment.

Lé Nest Holiday Homes offer a unique blend of luxury, comfort, and investment potential. With its modern amenities, strategic location, and dedicated services, it stands out as a premier choice for those looking to invest in a high-quality real estate project in Murree. Whether for personal use or as an investment, Lé Nest promises an exceptional living experience in the heart of nature        






Fitness center

Central Heating

Laundry Room

Pets Allow



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