Welcome to PropertyPlus.com.pk, your one-stop source for free real estate listings in Pakistan! Malik Ubaid founded us because he saw the need for a free, specialized platform where real estate brokers and private sellers could advertise their properties.


We decided to step into a market where these kinds of services are hard to come by and develop a platform that lets you list your homes for free while also making sure that your listings are noticed by more people thanks to our social media promotion on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube etc.


Anybody can now become a dealer for free. Simply submit your property or the property of your client, and we will take care of connecting you with possible customers at no cost to you.

Our goal at PropertyPlus.com.pk is to transform the process of listing a property. We offer a user-friendly platform that makes the process quick and easy, regardless of experience level. Whether you're a seasoned real estate agent or someone trying to sell or rent out their property for the first time.


A variety of services are available on our platform to improve your listing, such as clear and sharp photos, thorough property descriptions, and simple ways for potential tenants or buyers to get in touch. We also give you frequent reports on the effectiveness of your listings and pointers on how to make them more visible.

Join us today and start listing your properties for free. Together, let's make property listing in Pakistan simpler and more accessible for everyone!